Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com

Looking back at the last 3 years of my life, I can’t recall a single time when I spared the day just for shopping. As old as that makes me sound (I hope not too old), gone are the days when I would reserve a specific Sunday only to visit the mall or specialised  boutiques to get my hands on the best in fashion. I’ve learnt the e-way and much to my pocket’s disappointment; I find myself adding things to the cart every now and then; and shopping more aggressively than ever before.

Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com
Perks of e-shopping

Have I forgotten the offline way of shopping? Of course not, whenever I pass by a store or a street that has something to suit my choice, I obviously pick it up. Is this post an extension to Confessions of a Shopaholic? No, this is an attempt to reflect at e-love found in this era.

Just as e-shopping mania has become a way of life for me (there still exist offline shopping loyalists), it has become the way to live and love for many. The subject clearly suggests I’m hinting at the likes of Tinder, in the league. So let’s address the elephant in the room.

Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com
A Tinder ad
Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com
A ad

Let’s first talk about hooking up, that’s where Tinder and other apps like Truly Madly, Badoo, OKcupid come into the picture. Most of them work on the simple premise; based on your profile and interests, there a list of suggestions (matches) for you and if you like them there are chat options and the rest follows as how you take it forward.

Taking the case of Tinder, if you like someone you right swipe them, if you don’t , you left swipe them, and if you’re enamoured by someone’s presence on Tinder you ‘super like’ them.  In the tender Tinder world, super like is an equivalent of a sunrise, because it only happens once in a day, as you can super like just one user per day; unless you’re using Tinder plus where a user can super like up to  5 people in a day.(There’s always a wish for more offer for everything, then why spare Tinder?)

Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com
The dynamics of Tinder

Now that’s enough functional information for a Tinder aspirant, if you’re one. Proceeding to the app that has earned popularity in India much before Tinder; yes, of course. Yet again there are others in the league such as Jeevansathi, Bharat Matrimony and so on.

Using as a reference here, much like Tinder it is designed for users to find potential partners, the only difference between the two apps is the anticipated period of partnership.

Love in the time of Tinder and
The dynamics of

While Tinder is usually seen as a platform to find a relationship lasting expected to last  between a week to the interest period of the partners; aims at finding partners to marry them for a period to their tolerance point for each other, if not saath janam (To the point of seven births).

Pushing away from this , let’s go back to what I said earlier, e-shopping has become a way to live and love for many. So here’s how; much like shopping for clothes/ items online, you add a list of options to your cart and then finally buy the items you like and need the best. Similarly in the case of Tinder and you swipe right and show interest respectively only to eventually select a final choice, a partner.

Love in the time of Tinder and
The key to love, literally

Is this something to frown upon and lose faith in the classic idea of romance? That would be a big no.

Because, once again drawing a reference from my e-shopping example, is e-shopping a bad idea? Well no, it is convenient, saves time and helps me go through more options than I would in case of physical stores; so does e-love in a way, doesn’t it?

Lastly, did I stop indulging in offline shopping? No, I still buy from physical stores if something catches my eye , similarly neither have people entirely stopped being connected in an offline world because destiny is never passé.

P.S:  Online shopping is only used as a metaphor to explain the dynamics of love in the time of Tinder and; the post does not in any way intend to offend anyone or establish a way of life. Ciao until the next post!


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