Not Monday Motivation: 7 Rules For The Week

Monday, Mournday, Mundane, wordy drama is never enough for the blues each Monday brings. I personally disregard the day because it’s suddenly like someone’s breaking my cocoon called the weekend. What’s worse about the day is that it comes with a package of whole week of work ahead with it.

Monday Motivation 1

For once #MondayMotivation will give me some pseudo inspiration to win over the day, but what about #TuesdayTorture #WeakWednesday #TormentThursday and of course longest working day, Friday? And Saturday too, if your work allows you to live on mere Sundays!

After a series of cribbing seasons, blah days and not so inspiring days, I devised a 7 rules for the week formula. It’s not preachy, but personal; not rare, but real.

Read on…

Rule 1, Monday: You’re back to the grind with a whole new work week ahead of you, but it’s also a new week to start over and do things differently for better in the personal and professional space. So, devise a plan (Mentally or note it)

Planner mode on

Rule 2, Tuesday: If you’re the one who gets in right on the first day, start working on the implementation part of the plan today; if you’re in the category of ‘most people’ where first day is a trial, today isn’t a bad day either to devise a plan!

Rule 3, Wednesday: By now, you’re out of the weekend shell which means it is time to step up the game. Okay, making it sound less battle field like; for instance if you planned to go to the gym/ visited the gym for 30 minutes after 786946 years, you should now scale it up to an hour.

Yes, like that
Yes, like that

Rule 4, Thursday: Wohoo! It is mid-week; you’ve made it fine without stabbing someone/ burning down a building. You’ve understood the plan game well, get to reviewing the plan now, find how much of a real difference it has made or is it just like another unreal new year resolution?

Rule 5, Friday: If this is last working day of the week, then do a little #Friyay dance, even if it isn’t; the weekend isn’t too far. But know it as a thumb rule, this is going to be a LONG hectic day and your evening plans may get pushed, so don’t lose your calm and hold your patience, real strong.

Relaxed CEO
Mental mediation, much

Rule 6, Saturday: If you don’t have a working day then well why do you need to move at all? Celebrate a slumber party all day and look your best in the evening as you step out to let your hair down. In case you have to show up at work, be an Ostrich and plan something you like for the evening to make work in 4G speed.

Rule 7, Sunday: The official holiday for most people unless you’re in a job that offers a weekday holiday. My sole motto and mantra for this day is simple, it is ME day; spend it the way you like and fancy but ensure you have some energy saving hours too in order to be weekday ready, all over again.

Do not disturb
Do not disturb ME time

P.S: Now that was my guide to using the device called weekday, user may or not accept as per his/her convenience, although giving it a shot wouldn’t be a bad idea. Ta-ta, it’s a wrap!

She’s The Superwoman You Hope To Be

She’s the mellow of a shade on a sunny day;

A real life genie, except she grants more than just three wishes.

She’s the muse of the greatest artist there ever has been;

A through professional, except her resume is built on smiles and smithers of moments.

She’s the superwoman you hope to be;

A guardian angel, except the value of her sacrifices are often forgotten!

Dedicated to every superwoman out there, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂      

IN PHOTOS: 11 Signs You Are A Global Desi

Most of us, the 20 somethings are voracious web users and ‘global children’ a term used for those born after the 1991 New Economic Policy. While these facts are enough for the customary ‘background’ information; let’s get to the point of discussion.

Have you ever realised that one in three brands you consume is an international brand? Don’t believe me? Check out the photos below, if you’re a consumer of more than 5 of these brands, welcome to the club because you too are a global desi like many others in the metropolitan world.

If this place defines the ideal breakfast destination for you
If this place defines the ideal breakfast destination for you


If you love sipping coffee here
If you love sipping coffee here, a little too often
When eating healthy means this
When eating healthy means this
IN PHOTOS: 10 Signs You Are A Global Desi
This is what you grab when you need a cost effective and quick meal!
IN PHOTOS: 10 Signs You Are A Global Desi
When a sale here gives you shopaholic orgasms!
IN PHOTOS: 10 Signs You Are A Global Desi
If you’ve chosen to take a membership here
IN PHOTOS: 10 Signs You Are A Global Desi
Weekends done right when you visit this place
If is this your stop for Comedy
If is this your stop if at all watching TV
Your gadgets have this logo on the back
Your gadgets have this logo on the back
IN PHOTOS: 10 Signs You Are A Global Desi
If this is the make up brand you’re currently using
IN PHOTOS: 10 Signs You Are A Global Desi
And this is the make up brand you aspire to use!


So that’s 11 brands, how much of a Global Desi are you?

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016

When one speaks of Bollywood, there are rare chances that Shah Rukh Khan’s name isn’t mentioned or better even his signature step where his hands spread out gesturing a hug isn’t imitated, at least once. A man of grandeur, with a noteworthy career and humongous wealth serving as inspirational case study for aspiring actors and entrepreneurs; he’s the face of mid 90s, 00s, 2010s and perhaps for decades to follow.

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016
Picture Credit: Bollypop

Given how his recent film, Fan featuring SRK v/s SRK was promoted in his unique fashion; for instance releasing the trailer on 29th  February  or having the title crafted out of his fans’ pictures; I was pretty gaga about  watching it and I did make sure to catch it on the same weekend.

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016
A still from the Fan anthem, Jabra

The whole Haye re Jabra Fan ho gaya vibe was on fleek to make any SRK fan flush Gerua. His honesty in presenting his character Aryan Khanna’s character built on fans and wise choice of words,  or his show of splendid acting through Gaurav Chandna’s character (I have to confess Gaurav’s character stayed with me)  was downright impressive BUT I can’t stop thinking how it is a misfit for 2016. Don’t agree with me? Read these reasons…

  1. The Twitter effect: We live in the web age where Twitter is a platform for fans to directly interact with their favourite celebs, without any guards. Especially given that Aryan Khanna’s part was played by SRK himself, who is known to be responsive to his fans; wasn’t aware of his obsessive fan’s existence seemed a little out of place.
  1. Reality check: In a scene where Gaurav could simply enter an upcoming celeb’s vanity van and there was absolutely NO security, forget alone the infamous celebrity ‘team’ being around, appeared to be far from reality.

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016

  1. One man show: Remember how towards the end, Aryan (SRK) decides to teach Gaurav a lesson by visiting Delhi sans the security and taking the matter entirely his hand? Yes, not only does he manage to solely take a trip to the capital city; the superstar is even spotted chasing Gaurav on the streets without creating much of a hullabaloo in a time when the population of Delhi is approximately more than 25 million!
  1. Here’s my number, so find out maybe: As Gaurav’s character takes an obsessive turn, we see him making these dorky calls, almost like creating a chill down team Aryan’s spine, they can’t ‘detect’ the private number. Given that the megastar has all the resources in this tech-savvy, hack-forward generation, he couldn’t track down the number?

Why SRK Starrer Fan Is A Misfit For 2016


P.S: This post is not intended at infuriating SRK fans or anyone who enjoyed watching Fan, the platform exists so there is an exchange of words and thoughts; these flaws exist in a magnificent movie like Fan probably because,” Bade bade deshon mein, aisi choti choti baatein hoti rahti hain.”  #SorryNotSorry


Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com

Looking back at the last 3 years of my life, I can’t recall a single time when I spared the day just for shopping. As old as that makes me sound (I hope not too old), gone are the days when I would reserve a specific Sunday only to visit the mall or specialised  boutiques to get my hands on the best in fashion. I’ve learnt the e-way and much to my pocket’s disappointment; I find myself adding things to the cart every now and then; and shopping more aggressively than ever before.

Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com
Perks of e-shopping

Have I forgotten the offline way of shopping? Of course not, whenever I pass by a store or a street that has something to suit my choice, I obviously pick it up. Is this post an extension to Confessions of a Shopaholic? No, this is an attempt to reflect at e-love found in this era.

Just as e-shopping mania has become a way of life for me (there still exist offline shopping loyalists), it has become the way to live and love for many. The subject clearly suggests I’m hinting at the likes of Tinder, in the league. So let’s address the elephant in the room.

Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com
A Tinder ad
Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com
A ad

Let’s first talk about hooking up, that’s where Tinder and other apps like Truly Madly, Badoo, OKcupid come into the picture. Most of them work on the simple premise; based on your profile and interests, there a list of suggestions (matches) for you and if you like them there are chat options and the rest follows as how you take it forward.

Taking the case of Tinder, if you like someone you right swipe them, if you don’t , you left swipe them, and if you’re enamoured by someone’s presence on Tinder you ‘super like’ them.  In the tender Tinder world, super like is an equivalent of a sunrise, because it only happens once in a day, as you can super like just one user per day; unless you’re using Tinder plus where a user can super like up to  5 people in a day.(There’s always a wish for more offer for everything, then why spare Tinder?)

Love In The Time Of Tinder And Shaadi.Com
The dynamics of Tinder

Now that’s enough functional information for a Tinder aspirant, if you’re one. Proceeding to the app that has earned popularity in India much before Tinder; yes, of course. Yet again there are others in the league such as Jeevansathi, Bharat Matrimony and so on.

Using as a reference here, much like Tinder it is designed for users to find potential partners, the only difference between the two apps is the anticipated period of partnership.

Love in the time of Tinder and
The dynamics of

While Tinder is usually seen as a platform to find a relationship lasting expected to last  between a week to the interest period of the partners; aims at finding partners to marry them for a period to their tolerance point for each other, if not saath janam (To the point of seven births).

Pushing away from this , let’s go back to what I said earlier, e-shopping has become a way to live and love for many. So here’s how; much like shopping for clothes/ items online, you add a list of options to your cart and then finally buy the items you like and need the best. Similarly in the case of Tinder and you swipe right and show interest respectively only to eventually select a final choice, a partner.

Love in the time of Tinder and
The key to love, literally

Is this something to frown upon and lose faith in the classic idea of romance? That would be a big no.

Because, once again drawing a reference from my e-shopping example, is e-shopping a bad idea? Well no, it is convenient, saves time and helps me go through more options than I would in case of physical stores; so does e-love in a way, doesn’t it?

Lastly, did I stop indulging in offline shopping? No, I still buy from physical stores if something catches my eye , similarly neither have people entirely stopped being connected in an offline world because destiny is never passé.

P.S:  Online shopping is only used as a metaphor to explain the dynamics of love in the time of Tinder and; the post does not in any way intend to offend anyone or establish a way of life. Ciao until the next post!

Bombay Bookery

Yesterday I went on record about the WEBSERA takeover that hasn’t managed to escape Genow. While there’s no denying that web series are the thing of today, the Thursday throwback vibe took me a step back to something that hasn’t entirely changed despite our need for speed. It’s the B in books; although e-books are all over the internet, there lies a special place in this city which doesn’t just house books but captures the spirit of Bombay(or Mumbai, if you would call it) that oozes in its nooks and crannies.

Read on the essence of the city through the tale of Bombay bookery …

Taking the road on foot from Oval Maidan, a sanctum sanctorum for budding sportsmen, a jogger’s park of sorts for locals by sundown, and a mere intersection point for many Churchgate-Fort pedestrians. An onlooker is bound to pause for a moment to appreciate the grandeur of the Rajabai Clock Tower set against the maidan. Syncing in the breeze, the bell echoes in the open yard upon striking a time!

Bombay Bookery
Oval Maidan
Bombay Bookery
The Rajabai Clock Tower

Walking away from the heritage building, as one enters the lane turning towards Siddarth College, a brick-wall building that goes back a long way in time, what immediately captivates every eye’s attention from that point is the classic Flora Fountain sculpture, standing at 10 steps detour from the ancient college.

Bombay Bookery
Flora Fountain

The pavement adjacent to the sculpture of the Roman Goddess is what marks the starting point of what I call Bombay bookery.

Built on neatly stacked pile of books, to the level of a full store book collection view to the buyer; the shops devised next to each other are separated by a common book wall and tied together by the strings of co-existence.

Bombay bookery
Two book stores sharing a common book wall

While one is allured by the systematic approach of these magnificent offline stores, the sellers’ wit and knowledge of authors’ works from Charles Dickens to Chetan Bhagat is enough to give you a heart-stop moment.

Characterized by innumerable books; from classics to contemporaries, sepia-rustics to whitewashed pages, hardbound covers to paperbacks, the market caters to every book junkie.  Having existed long before online stores came into play, the books are priced to woo everyone from a hand to mouth reader to an Ostrich reader indulging in page-turners. The market offers a 50% cashback(Also a policy long existent before the commencement of online stores ) on return, signifying the city’s fast paced business approach.

Bombay bookery
The laborious arrangement of books

Bargaining skills and a fair knowledge of the open book market prices come handy. The sellers are happy to build clients on low pricing, but when offered a below profit price offer they don’t shy away from sarcasm. “Aap free mein hi rakh lo(Keep it for free of cost, instead),”  is their pet statement.

Bombay bookery
Book shops at Bombay bookery

The stamps, signatures and weathered pages of the books transport you back in time; the aroma of books leave you pondering over the number of places it has travelled before it reached you. The breezy shops and its owners personifying the traits of this city in appearance and demeanour respectively build the crux of what Bombay is all about.

The next time you visit or bypass the Bombay bookery, don’t miss the sound of the city it echoes.

The WEBSERA Takeover

As a 90s kid hailing from a typical joint Indian family, I was exposed to watching TV a lot more than an average 5-year-old would be; Whether it was my grandparents’ favourite Ramayan on Star Plus in the morning or my mom and aunts’ attention magnet, Saans featuring the disgruntled tale of a love triangle.

The WEBSERA Takeover
A still from Saans

The evening hour with a single TV in the hall room belonged to us, the odd bunch of 5-10 year olds. Since the 60 minutes were divided in a battle of sexes and naturally, preferences; we managed to squeeze in a little of everything from WWE (WWF back then) to Fox Kids.

The day ended with  Ekta Kapoor special for dinner, with extra drama. Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki presenting #FamilyGoals  aired at 10 pm and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi playing the #ChroniclesofTulsi aired  at 10.30 pm.

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki
What scarred childhood for the 90s kid
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
And there’s no going back

In case you’re wondering what do these details have to do with the post at all? Well, this is just a backstory of a 20 something who has gone through enough shades of the television, more like ordeal mostly to finally embrace, cherish and take a moment to appreciate what  I fondly call the WEBSERA (Web Series Era) takeover.

Although we don’t quite know how far do web series date back in history, our Digibrain Google suggests, The Spot in 1995 was the first web series to be released. While the inception date of web series may not be our primary concern, there are no two ways about the fact that the WEBSERA takeover is a phenomenon seen in India only in the last one year, 13 months to be precise.

I found myself drawn to this side of the entertaining and engaging platform starting with ScoopWhoop’s Baked, followed by TVF’s Pitchers going to TVF’s Permanent Roommates, after which there was no going back to the childhood favourite (more like only) medium of Indian motion entertainment.

The WEBSERA takeover
Baked is the story of three DU flatmates
The WEBSERA takeover
Permanent Roommates is a mirror to modern relationships

Speaking as a sample of the WEBSERA takeover phase, I’m over the moon with this wind of change. If you don’t agree with me, here are 5 simple reasons why WEBSERA is a win-win situation for the viewers:

  1. Mini Series: As the internet audience, our attention span isn’t a magazine reader’s; in which case an episode spanning between 8-21 minutes is on-point.
  1. Accessibility: Most web series are either on YouTube or channel specific apps, what is the price you pay for it? The internet/data charge you would pay to your service provider is all you really pay because the series are available for FREE of cost to watch!
  1. Relatability: The characters speak as normally as any Metropolitan city resident would. There are moments you’re aback for the magnitude of realism.
The WEBSERA takeover
The kind of conversation you would have in real life
  1. Portability: Given that web series are easily accessible on a platform like YouTube; they literally become portable because you can simply watch them on your phone while you’re at work or traveling. (Provided, your 3G/4G network is as speedy as the Airtel girl flaunts of her network connection)
  1. Unabashed and unapologetic: This one’s quite an obvious reason, the internet is an uncensored space, so there’s no shying away from let’s say anything that may not qualify Sanskari in the books of an Indian soap opera, Saasu Ma.
The WEBSERA Takeover
The web does not shy away from picking subjects that are not considered ‘pro-Indian’

Television today is attempting to move away from kitchen politics, you’re left with non-fiction shows at your disposal; which eventually most often raise the obvious question; how real are these so called reality shows? Fiction on TV presents characters that are too uncanny to believe, while webseries pick a leaf from our real lives and has the ball rolling. For all those who think WEBSERA takeover is a thing of Genext, I would say it is the thing of Genow.